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Real-world learning for real-world success

Not your typical coding training.

You do not pay for joining the Mckodev Campus Program. Training is free for all students who are willing to join the program. However, there is a ₦10,000 payment for members who are going to join a team.

Members do not just take the training, they come together as a team to discuss lessons learnt as well as engage in career development activities.
Not to worry, members who do not join a team will still have access to the training.

At Mckodev Tech Lab Campus Program, we are not just learning to code, we are learning to build a future, together.

We’re going to rewrite the rules, for the better.

learn by doing

Practical learning is a proven, alternative learning methodology with great results

Rather than teaching a lot of theory and having you occasionally apply a fraction of your knowledge on a class project, we do the opposite. Our classes are 100% practical.

Through learning by doing and learning how to rapidly adopt new skills and methodologies, you are better prepared to succeed in this ever evolving industry.

Learn in a Team

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Coupled with our practical learning, you are encouraged to unleash your creativity and learn how to solve practical challenges by working as a team. After all, successful companies are the result of successful teams, not just successful individuals.

Peer education is proven to foster a very constructive learning culture, as you are immersed into an environment where everyone is driven to help each other.

Our Learning Phases.

The Mckodev Campus Program Learning phase is divided into Tier I and Tier II. In the Tier one Phase, Learner gain knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MYSQL and AJAX

While for the Tier II, Learn on the team and learn LINUX, NGINX, DEVOPS, AWS, GIT, VAGRANT, MVC, Google Cloud Platform. The Campus Program offers both Frontend and Backend Web Development which in the long run makes you a full Stack Web Developer.

Ready to define your future?