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Programming and web development is not limited only to those that study computer science. There are various problems in other fields that can be solved with web development. Mckodev Campus Program aims at providing you with the necessary skill to become a 21st century problem solver.

Throughout this program, you’ll learn the soft-skills necessary to further your success after graduation. These include interview preparation, public speaking, working as a team, and more.

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What you will learn in this program

Our campus program respect the same standards to deliver high-quality education, using project-based methodology, resources, curriculums and team work.

With deep knowledge in the programming resources necessary for web development, you'll be able to build web applications or websites, CRM dashboard, build marketplaces, and more!

Criteria for admission into our program

for admission into

our program

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The motivation to transform your career

The program requires commitment as it takes about 420 hours to complete. You should be prepared to set aside at least 15-20 hours per week to study.

A personal computer and an internet connection.

The classes are virtual, you will need a personal computer and a good internet connection to watch the classes.

An interest in web development

If you're already reading books and blog posts about coding, that is a great sign.

A background in coding or tech

This program is designed to take you from beginner to job-ready—regardless of your background.

To learn all on your own

You will enjoy the flexibility of both learning with like minds in a team and learning virtually at a comfortable time

Frequently Asked Questions

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